Alexander Fridman is Nyheim Chair Professor and director of the Nyheim Plasma Institute of Drexel University. Alexander Fridman is elected to the US National Academy of Inventors. Prof. Fridman is a world pioneer of Plasma Medicine, Founding President of the International Society of Plasma Medicine. Dr. Fridman worked in different National Laboratories and Universities of United States, France, and Soviet Union. He wrote 8 monograph books and more than thousand scientific papers, he received numerous awards, including International Plasma Medicine Award, Stanley Kaplan Distinguished Professorship in Chemical Kinetics and Energy Systems, George Soros Distinguished Professorship in Physics, Chernobyl Nuclear Accident Medal, Dupont award, University of Illinois and Drexel University Research awards, Kurchatov Gold Medal for Scientific Achievements in Nuclear and Plasma Sciences. He received the State Price of the USSR, the country highest award in science. Dr. Fridman also received Reactive Plasma Award, and Plasma Chemistry Award, the highest in plasma field. Alexander Fridman received in 2022 the ISPlasma Prize.